Magnetic – A story of Attraction

The sun was setting and a golden haze fell over the front yard. Elise, was visiting a friend to have him work on her breaks. She had known him for a while, enough so that she knew wearing a clingy, cotton sun dress with no bra would drive his imagination wild while he worked. The car radio played “topped hits of today” while the two chatted about random things in life. 

Her friend’s name was Maverick. He stood almost six feet tall, broad shoulders, with a strong and lean body. She could see his muscles flexing with each crank of his tool, as he laid shirtless halfway under the car. Maverick and Elise had been friends for close to a year and she always thought he was attractive. Maverick’s hair was light brown, bleached out by the sun and he wore it in a low pony tail that fell between his shoulder blades. He always had a crooked, charming smile and deep green eyes like forest. She couldn’t help blushing and giggling as he complimented how sexy her silhouette looked in the evening rays. 

She bit het lip and nervously announced, ” Hey Maverick, I’m curious…”

“About what?” He replied, still tinkering away without looking. 

“About what it’s like kissing you.” Elise sheepishly said, watching for his reaction out of the corner of her eye. 

The sounds coming from beneath the car stopped with a clang as his wrench hit the ground. Maverick pulled himself out from under the car, sweat glistening on his face. He slowly got up and grabbed a rag to wipe car grease off of his hands. Elise was standing still just a few feet away, hands laced behind her back. 

After what seemed like forever, his hands and face were clean. Maverick’s eyes lifted to finally meet Elise’s. 

He hung his head to one side and casually laughed as he said, ” Do you want me to come kiss you? Because I will if that’s what you want.”

As soon as Elise nodded, he threw his rag down and quickly came over to her. In one motion he slid one hand around her waist and the other across her cheek, sweeping her hair back behind her ear. He gazed into her eyes, looking as though he had wanted to do this for a long time. Maverick closed his eyes and pulled her into him. Their lips met and it was nothing Elise could have anticipated. 

His lips were full and soft. She was caught off guard by the intensity of the kiss as he leaned into her. Their bodies pressed against each other and he pulled her hips tight into his. Elise bit his lower lip ever so slightly before he gently flicked his tongue against hers. Their mouths moved together in unison and Elise smiled as she pulled away for a breath. 

He smiled back and leaned in once more, holding his hands on either side of her face. Giving a few more soft pecks on her lips and his eyes glued shut, their hands wandered and carressed each other.  They lingered there to let their foreheads touch before breaking apart, breathless and pleasantly surprised. As the two laughed together about their sudden passionate kiss, Elise could feel how excited he made her. 

She still felt the tingle on her lips as walked away to finish the breaks. Maverick went back to work with a huge grin knowing he just left Elise speechless. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. The taste of him sent her mind to darker places, imagining what his tongue felt like other places. His allure was like a magnetic force pulling her in and she didn’t want to fight back…


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