Breaking Point

For Karrie, the end of the month arriving meant rent was due. A stack of bills tossed haphazardly on the kitchen counter was was glaring at her. The bank account was almost $300 in the hole and her paycheck barely broke it even. She didn’t know what to do. Hell, she didn’t know how to feel!

” How does this keep happening?” Karrie questioned herself, ” You need to get your shit together.”

Karrie and her husband, Isaac, filed bankruptcy less than a year ago and still struggled to balance their budget. They lost everything. Barely making it out of foreclosure and almost half a million dollars in debt, their style of living had to drop significantly. Karrie was a successful business woman that lost her career during a company buyout. She had always been able to provide for her family. But when she lost her sales position, they never recovered. She had basically been in that field so long, no one wanted to pay her when they could hire a newbie for half the cost. 

Now, they were barely making it. As a family, they sold everything they could to get buy during the foreclosure. They knew they could only afford about 1/3 of what they had the comfort of knowing for so many years. 

After downsizing to a smaller rental home, both found new jobs to make ends meet. But in reality they had no real solid security anymore. Karrie felt as though she would be stuck in this cycle forever. Things would seem to be okay and then something terrible would go wrong, like the car radiator going out and it cost $500. Before they just would charge it on a credit card. Not anymore. Cash only for them. They had to under their bankruptcy ruling, but also were using the Dave Ramsey method to make it buy. You know, put cash in an envelope for each category you have a bill for (rent, utilities, gas, food, etc.) 

It took almost an entire month of catch up for them to recover. Karrie and Isaac would bicker around and around about whether or not something like cell phones or wifi was more important. Or did they really have to have cable? It was like nothing changed. 

Karrie started to question all of her standards and why she had chained herself to the approval of the corporate world for it to all come to this. Barely making it. She sat on the floor and hung her head. Sobbing, tears fell from her eye lashes to the floor. 

She knew they were meant for more than this. It couldn’t be the end! Karrie prayed for something to guide her to the right path. She didn’t care what it was, she just wanted to feel something other than the state of panick that never left her. 

Then a feeling of calmness came over Karrie. She dried her tears and stood up, smoothing her hair and clothing. Isaac and her had made it through everything else together. She told herself, ” We can make it through this too.” 


A story of Attraction pt. 2

Ever since that day in the driveway, Elise couldn’t get Maverick out of her head. They had been friends for a while and she finally mustered up the courage and point blank asked him to kiss her. The lip smacking heat he packed in his kiss left her swooning and yearning for more. 

A few days passed and she hadn’t heard from him. Elise was replaying the moment over and over in her head. She touched her lips and shut her eyes, running her hand up her inner thigh as she laid on the couch in her living room. Quickly sitting up, she decided to text him. 

“Hey there, I don’t want to come off too strong. But I’m laying here totally wet thinking about you…” Elise hit send before her mind could give her any second thoughts. 

Minutes go by and she’s already checked her inbox several times.


She puts the phone down and goes back to rubbing herself. Sprawling out on her back, Elise’s rich brown colored hair fell in long, loose curls over the edge of the cushion. In one hand she went between twisting her silky hair and lightly swirling a finger around her areolas to softly petting the warm, pink slit hidden by her panties. 

Her breathing was getting deeper as her mind drifted to Maverick slipping his fingers into her lacey white underwear. The vibration of the phone sent her hands squirming to open a text from who she hoped was him.

” I’ve been thinking of you too. I didn’t want to seem to eager either…but I want to feel you again. Your smell is so sweet, it’s intoxicating.” He replied. 

Elise’s eyes dashed across the words on the screen and she licked her lips remembering how his mouth felt against hers. 

” How about tonight?” She responded, mind already racing to what she would wear. 

Within a couple minutes, her phone buzzed and her wish was granted. ” Be here around 9.” Maverick said. 

Elise dashed to the shower, scrubbing and shaving all that she could. When she dried off, she rubbed in some baby oil for a soft and sultry touch. By now it was a quarter passed eight and she was finishing straightening her hair. She perfected her winged smokey eye make up look and put on a matching lace black panty and bra lingerie set. Her cleavage pushed together barely peeking above her simple grey tank top complimented the curve of her toned ass in fitted athletic shorts. They gave her a sexy camel toe that didn’t leave much to imagination since it outlined her plump, sweet lady parts. 

Her heart raced and she wore a smile as she pulled into Maverick’s driveway. Elise’s eyes paused briefly where she remembered they stood for the kiss she’s been fantasizing over. Her phone buzzed once more with a text from him, ” Front door is open.” She took a deep breath and checked her face in the mirror one final time. 

Elise made her way up the brick entry way and turned the knob to let herself in the door. The room was mostly dim, with one floor lamp on in the corner. Maverick was watching some action movie and relaxed on the couch with his feet propped on the coffee table. 

Walking around the coffee table, Elise plopped down on the couch next to Maverick. Their shoulders brushed as she leaned back to get comfortable. Completely ignoring the movie, she turns to Maverick with a cheeky smile and leans in for a kiss. He kissed her back intently and for a second Elise’s heart fluttered. 

Pulling away from her, Maverick let his hand glide down Elise’s thigh as he examined every inch of her. She watched as his gaze rose from her legs, to her breasts, and finally their eyes met. 

” You know, you are so incredibly sexy.” He said. 

Elise looked down and smiled, shooting him a coy look she replied,     ” Yeah, well you’re not so bad yourself.”

She through one leg over his lap and turned to face him, lacing her fingers so her arms hung around his neck. Elise sunk her hips down into him and felt his package starting bulge more. She had been imagining what it felt and looked like. 

” The things I want to do to you…” Maverick whispered into her ear as his strong hands gripped the top of her shoulders and ran them down her petite frame. 

Their arms entangled around each other, Maverick held Elise tight against him and stood to carry her to the bedroom. Elise giggled with surprise and clung to him, legs wrapped around his torso. He lightly tossed her onto the bed, which seemed to have an infinite amount of pillows and comfy blanket to go around. 

” I’m kind of nervous.” Elise breathlessly admittes. Maverick was about 10 years older than her and somehow she felt intimidated by his sexual prowess. 

” No reason to be nervous, we’ll take things slow.” His voice was calm and soothing. 

He lowered himself on top of her. Once again he was shirtless and as Elise looked up at him, she traced the lines on his biceps and ran her fingers across his chest. He had taken his ponytail out, so his hair fell around shoulders. She swept some of it back as she pulled him in for a deep kiss. 

Maverick then laid beside Elise with her head resting on one of his arms. Their breathing seemed to flow as one in that moment. Elise then pulled her skin tight shorts off and her take top too, revealing the seductive lingerie she wore beneath. His mouth watered. 

He sat up and rolled her panties down, kissing from her legs down to her ankles along the way. Elise’s let herself totally relax on the bed with her eyes closed. She was ready. 

First she felt Maverick’s fingers parting her labia. Then he slowly started rubbing her hard, little clit. With each flick Elise’s toes curled and she buried her face into his shoulder. He continued teasing her clit with his thumb while inserting two of his long fingers into her sweet hole. Elise could no longer hold back her moans. 

” Oh, Maverick.” She let out. 

His eyes were locked to hers, Elise was utterly captivated. Maverick smiled and lowered himself, pulling apart her pussy lips and exposing her throbbing clit fully. His hot mouth sucked her in, her juices filling his mouth. Maverick was still fingering her while her back was arching trying to keep composure of herself. 

Maverick rammed his fingers in over and over again, hitting her G spot every time. Elise felt her body getting closer to climax and a wave of ecstasy came over her. She gribbed the satin sheets and let out a sound she hadn’t made before. Before she even opened her eyes, body still writhing, and Maverick still finger fucking her…she felt a splatter of what she realized was her  own cum raining down. She squirted for the first time ever. Elise’s legs quivered and her heart was pounding. Maverick pulled his cum covered hand away and cleaned his face, also sharing the towel with Elise. 

Breathlessly, with a smile she said, ” That’s never happened to me before.” 

Elise watched him as he smiled with a satisfied look on his face and pulled a shirt over his head. He sparked a cigarette and took a long draw from it. She laid there, still trying to figure how he managed to make her do that. It was like he found some magic button only he knew how to work! 

” I love eating pussy. Especially when it’s sweet like yours.”

Elise giggled and slid off the side of his tall bed. She was searching for her panties when she turned to find Maverick already holding them out for her. She playfully snatched them out of his hand and stepped into them. 

” That was incredible…I didn’t expect it at all.” 

She stepped toward him and went up on her tippy toes, once again hugging him around the neck. Elise almost had to look straight up to him, being so short. She couldn’t resist kissing him again. She could taste herself on him and sucked his lower lip into her mouth for a little bite. Elise didn’t want their bodies to separate. His arms wrapped around her and he took a deep breath of her smell before inviting her to have a drink outside under the light of the moon. 

As if she were in a dream, Maverick poured her a drink and led her by the hand to his patio. Elise still felt high from her first squirt ever and hung onto every word he said as they talked the night away. She had no idea that was just a scratch off the surface of what he was capable of. Elise wanted him in every way, not just his hands or mouth. She wanted the whole package, his package. Elise wanted more than just the outline of his dick in some gym shorts. She wanted it inside her, but for now she had to wait and glady snuggled in tight as they looked up at the stars. 

Good Mornings with Happy Endings

I’ve copied a short (and true) account of a morning with my own husband. I wrote this originally on a site where fetishes are highlighted and the kinkier the better. Haha. Not all of my writing is erotica, but it’s definitely one of my favorites to write! Please enjoy…


The sun had barely made its way over the horizon when my eyes first fluttered open. The light of dawn spilling through the cracks of my blinds, I laid there on my side still holding onto the sexy dream I was having. I couldn’t even remember what it was, but I could still feel the slippery wetness hidden between my legs. The room was silent as I took a deep breath and snuggled deeper in my pillow.

After a couple minutes of blinking my eyes awake to get ready for the day, my husband rolled over, slid his strong tattooed arm around my waist and pulled me in tight against him. His body felt like a radiator. My back was to him, so I wasn’t surprised when I felt his thick morning wood press against my ass.

Leaning in close to my ear he whispered to me ” I love how naughty you’ve been lately.”

(Lately, we’ve been in a phase where one way or another we are having hot sex at least 2-3 times a day! I’ve often boasted of being a sexual person, but my husband has me beat for sure. He’s the one who introduced me to this lifestyle.)

I pressed my hips back into him harder and reached back to grab a handful of his long, dark, curled hair. He gave me a few soft kisses on my neck, running his hand down the entire side of my body.

“You like me being naughty, huh?” I wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

I didn’t have to say anything else before he had my leg lifted and was caressing my already soaked labia.

” Oh, baby, have some good dreams last night?” He was stroking me from clit to asshole. My eyes rolled back and I let my body be limp in his arms.

Before I knew it, he was above me and the used tip of his member to rub in circles on my clit before taking that first deep plunge. I wrapped my legs around him as he leaned down on top of me. Again he pulled back and thrusted into me as deep as he could go. I hugged around his shoulders and buried my face in his neck, holding back my noises since I didn’t want the children to wake up. But every time he rammed into me, shudders were being sent all over my body. I was convulsing with every stroke and he had only just started.

Still on my back, he raises up to lift my ankles and holds them above my head. Without hesitation he continues in a faster rhythm. This position is my weak spot. The angle of my were hips slightly raised and my arms now were fastened around the back of my knees, bringing them up into my chest. I had to bite my lip to keep from letting out the screams that I wanted. He was effortlessly bouncing me by pushing my hips repeatedly down into our mattress. It wasn’t long before my body was spasming as I climaxed.

“I love it when you cum on my dick, baby.”

I couldn’t even respond because he hadn’t slowed down. I was focusing on getting control of myself again. It wasn’t over yet! I pushed him off of me and flipped over to my knees, hands propped on the bed.

Giving him a coy look over my should, I playfully demanded, ” I want it like this now.”

He firmly gripped me by the hips and came close enough that our thighs were against each other. My open lips easily took his cock as he pushed in all the way to the hilt. He bounced me forward over and over again with hard thrusts.

” God I love how your cock feels.” I breathlessly whispered.

That sent him pounding even harder and I could feel his balls smacking against my throbbing pussy. When he began to unload inside me, he pushed in so hard that he hit my sweet spot and we both huge orgasm at the exact same time. I quivered as I buried my face into the bed and he gave my ass cheeks one more nice squeeze. I didn’t move as I caught my breath and he got up to get me a towel.

” Here ya go, hun.” he kissed my forehead and left me to get dressed.

I laid there for a moment just smiling to myself. Eventually I heard the baby start talking in the other room, so I had to snap back to reality. Until next time…

Magnetic – A story of Attraction

The sun was setting and a golden haze fell over the front yard. Elise, was visiting a friend to have him work on her breaks. She had known him for a while, enough so that she knew wearing a clingy, cotton sun dress with no bra would drive his imagination wild while he worked. The car radio played “topped hits of today” while the two chatted about random things in life. 

Her friend’s name was Maverick. He stood almost six feet tall, broad shoulders, with a strong and lean body. She could see his muscles flexing with each crank of his tool, as he laid shirtless halfway under the car. Maverick and Elise had been friends for close to a year and she always thought he was attractive. Maverick’s hair was light brown, bleached out by the sun and he wore it in a low pony tail that fell between his shoulder blades. He always had a crooked, charming smile and deep green eyes like forest. She couldn’t help blushing and giggling as he complimented how sexy her silhouette looked in the evening rays. 

She bit het lip and nervously announced, ” Hey Maverick, I’m curious…”

“About what?” He replied, still tinkering away without looking. 

“About what it’s like kissing you.” Elise sheepishly said, watching for his reaction out of the corner of her eye. 

The sounds coming from beneath the car stopped with a clang as his wrench hit the ground. Maverick pulled himself out from under the car, sweat glistening on his face. He slowly got up and grabbed a rag to wipe car grease off of his hands. Elise was standing still just a few feet away, hands laced behind her back. 

After what seemed like forever, his hands and face were clean. Maverick’s eyes lifted to finally meet Elise’s. 

He hung his head to one side and casually laughed as he said, ” Do you want me to come kiss you? Because I will if that’s what you want.”

As soon as Elise nodded, he threw his rag down and quickly came over to her. In one motion he slid one hand around her waist and the other across her cheek, sweeping her hair back behind her ear. He gazed into her eyes, looking as though he had wanted to do this for a long time. Maverick closed his eyes and pulled her into him. Their lips met and it was nothing Elise could have anticipated. 

His lips were full and soft. She was caught off guard by the intensity of the kiss as he leaned into her. Their bodies pressed against each other and he pulled her hips tight into his. Elise bit his lower lip ever so slightly before he gently flicked his tongue against hers. Their mouths moved together in unison and Elise smiled as she pulled away for a breath. 

He smiled back and leaned in once more, holding his hands on either side of her face. Giving a few more soft pecks on her lips and his eyes glued shut, their hands wandered and carressed each other.  They lingered there to let their foreheads touch before breaking apart, breathless and pleasantly surprised. As the two laughed together about their sudden passionate kiss, Elise could feel how excited he made her. 

She still felt the tingle on her lips as walked away to finish the breaks. Maverick went back to work with a huge grin knowing he just left Elise speechless. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. The taste of him sent her mind to darker places, imagining what his tongue felt like other places. His allure was like a magnetic force pulling her in and she didn’t want to fight back…

Hi my name is _______

I always find myself coming here during some inner search through self expression. Through various trials of my life, writing was the only thing to keep me sane. Being someone who has struggled with sharing feelings and inflicting much pain on my physically or mentally…writing is one of my safe havens to find regufe in through the chaos of life. It allows me to release any thought or feeling without the judgement or care, I should say, of sharing it any other way. I can say what I mean and mean what I say. Where I have to take a look at the world and break it down into words that evoke and release these feelings. With that being said, I’m setting out to fine tune this skill. In an attempt to express myself creatively and challenge my abilities, I’m using this as my platform to share stories I come up with and want to jot down. Some may come from a prompt if I’m pushing myself outsixd of a box, others are strictly from my own imagination. 
So, hello! My name is M for now. Welcome to my mind in writing! Follow along if you are into words, expression, feeling emotions through reading, and being creative through thought. I hope to find others and read as well!

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